Social Plan

Snowy River Shire Social Plan 2013 – 2016

The Snowy River Shire Social Plan 2013-16 describes the characteristics of the Shire at a particular point in time. and summarises the key social issues facing our community. It incorporates analysis of the identified needs of all residents, including those who are most disadvantaged.

The plan supports a 'whole of community' response to social issues. It recognises the existing strengths and capacity of the community, highlighting the ways in which we currently sustain our wellbeing. However, the plan also notes key challenges we face as a Shire and matches these with opportunities for action that can be undertaken by a range of stakeholders, inclusive of Council.

This Social Plan is the third developed by Snowy River Shire Council and it largely parallels those previous plans in its scope. This Social Plan 2013-2016 builds on this work and will inform the current term of Council.

 It is informed by the latest Census data and by consultations with community members and service organisations. 

The Social Plan is an important tool for Council, community members, Government and non Government organisations. It provides an important resource that aims to:

  • Promote equitable social outcomes for the whole community;
  • Improve understanding of social issues, particularly those affecting the most vulnerable members of our community;
  • Enable better monitoring of the social environment;
  • Assist Council and other stakeholders to make informed decisions and
  • Improve resources.

The full document can be downloaded here, SRSC Social Plan 2013-2016.

For further information, please contact Meghan Quinn, Community Development Officer, on 02 6451 1195 or 02 6451 1550.

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Excerpts from the 2013-2016 Social Plan:

Shire Profile

Key Areas for Action

Social Justice Groups

Full copy of the 2013-2016 can be downloaded here:

Snowy River Shire Social Plan 2013-2016